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How It Works

How does the program work, and what is in it for you?

The Forestmatic Ambassador Program is designed to onboard environmentally conscious individuals to assist Forestmatic in making the biggest environmental impact possible. How? By planting as many trees together as we possibly can.

Tell me more 😲

  • Ambassadors help by leveraging their network of people, personal skills and every-day activities.
  • An ambassador aims to bring new leads or potentially interested brands to Forestmatic in the hope of their active participation in tree planting and carbon offsetting. 
  • For every converted lead or new client that starts planting or offsetting with Forestmatic, the ambassador is rewarded with trees planted by Forestmatic for him or her. 
  • As such, the ambassador is able to grow their own digital forest through their own personal Forestmatic dashboard profile, with the ability to transparently track, trace and share their impact profile with anyone they desire.

Dashboard Profile

Visit our client Verification Dashboard to get a better idea of how your personal digital forest will look like. Scan the QR code or click the button below.